How to stake with Daedalus Wallet

  1. Download the Daedalus Wallet
  2. Open your Daedalus Wallet and let it synchronize.
  3. Create or restore a Shelley Wallet (For restore do you need your recovery phrase)
  4. Buy ADA e.g. from Bittrex (Referral link)
  5. Fund it to a address in your Daedalus Wallet
  6. When the Wallet is funded you can delegate your ADAs
  7. Let’s go to the Wallet delegation Center and search for the CDA Ticker
  8. Now select you Wallet and delegate your ADAs

Video Tutorial | How To Delegate your ADA Coins

We have also created a video tutorial explaining step by step how to delegate with Daedalus Wallet.

When will I get rewards?

After delegating your ADA to a stake pool, it takes 2 Epochs (5 days 1 epoch) for your ADA to become actively staked. After your ADA is actively staked, depending on how much active stake is on the pool, you will get your first rewards after about 4 epochs. But don’t worry, it is worth investing in small pools because over a year each delegator receives 5% to 6% (ROA).

Do you need help?

No problem, just contact us on the Discord server or write in the Telegram group.